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Coffee Processing

There are three primary methods of coffee processing. These methods are used to remove the outer layers of the coffee cherry to expose the coffee beans inside. The methods are:

1. Washed Process: This process involves removing the pulp and mucilage from the coffee cherries using water before drying them. This method results in a clean, bright flavor profile and is commonly used in Central and South America.

2. Natural Process: This process involves drying the entire coffee cherry, including the pulp and mucilage, in the sun. The cherries are frequently stirred to ensure even drying. This method produces a fruity, bold flavor and is popular in Africa.

3. Honey Process: This method is a blend of the washed and natural processes. The cherries are pulped, but some of the mucilage is intentionally left on the beans before drying them. This method produces a sweet and clean flavor profile.

Each method results in a different flavor and can impact the complexity, sweetness, acidity, and body of the coffee.

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