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French Press

I enjoy a good French Press brew on a weekend when I have the extra time to make it. It is especially nice to share with a friend. But how to choose the right coffee? First you want a fresh roasted bean to get maximum flavor. A bean starts to lose freshness after 3 weeks. So buying direct from the roaster is best because store bought coffee is months to years old. Next you need a course grind to extract the best flavors. A good burr grinder out does a blade grinder because it can give a uniform grind. Any roast can make a good brew but I enjoy a dark Indonesian roast that brings out the coffee oils and makes a rich cup of Joe. However a lighter African coffee will bring out the fruit notes and complexities of the coffee.

Once you have ground your beans then I use a 1 to 12 ratio. So if you use 30 g of coffee to 350 g of water. The water should be 190° to 200°. I add a little water to the bottom of the Press then add the coffee. Stir and add remaining water. Let sit 4 to 6 min depending on the strength of the cup you desire. Plunge and enjoy! Oh and don't forget to compost those grounds!

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